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A small guest book was with the house post at all times. A written time-lapse, it shows the post’s transformation, as well as records opinions and emotions about the change. Here are a few entries from the guest book:

Cedar is the best smell… As a first nations student I think this is super positive.

It was a pleasure watching the pole transition from a natural round log, to a half round ready for carving, through its carving and finishing, and the final touch of paint and copper. Congratulations Splash. - Jonathan

I am a student bike patroller, and have been watching your progress all year. Absolutely beautiful! BCIT is so lucky to have this displayed on campus. Thank you!

I got to be the first student to carve a piece and become part of history. So lucky for this opportunity!

Born and raised in a coastal native community. Seeing this makes me feel at home. Thank you sincerely and best wishes my friend. - Jared

Some dude came by as I was writing this and took some wood shavings. I asked him why, and he said he liked the smell and he was going to put them in his trunk and in his room and in his office so that they smell better and so that girls would like him. I am unsure he will be successful.

You make me proud, keeping the power & beauty of your culture alive! As Russell Means often said "May the great mystery continue to guide & protect the paths of you & your loved ones!" - Pearl

Thank you Aaron for working to bring heart and "spirit" to BCIT. It's been a long time coming with a long way to go. - Brenda

Beautiful. Nice to see some first Nation vibe. My bf is Kwakiutl from Alert Bay. His family are carvers too. Love & peace & perseverance.

What we do - seek technique, apply reason, enjoy - I see it here in spades! - Eugene

Touchable! - KB

Stopped by to say hello Splash... to breath the cedar air and feel renewed. Thank you! - Frances

for (int i=0;i<5;i++) {
    system.out.printh("good job");
} - Bruce

Wonderful artwork! And smells so good! Reminds me of growing up on the Haida Gwai! Beautiful! Thank you

Oh my god that's beautiful! I think somewhere out there the Venus de Milo feels a sister coming through....

This is awesome! Love to see the traditional art alive. Ppl say natives are extinct. lol! Add me to your twitter!

It's like something living that's sleeping & will wake up soon & astonish everyone! Thank you!

ooooh! color! can't wait for the reveal! thanks so much for this wonderful gift! - Carol

So beautiful! Tommorrow, April 24, 2015, The Pole will go inside. Where it belongs - it's been such nourishment to see it develop under Splash's hands... the pathway between SW1 & SW3 will be lonesome without you. Silver lining... we'll see this "enhanced standing person" inside - for generations!

in awe of the work, an enduring symbol for all at BCIT, so amazed to see the transformation, thank you splash - Valerie

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